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Dasharo Tools Suite


Dasharo Tools Suite (DTS) is a set of tools for deploying, updating and maintaining firmware on Dasharo supported devices. DTS is integrated into the firmware in Dasharo supported devices and can be used to update the firmware even when no OS is installed.


  • Dasharo device with DTS functionality integrated
  • Wired network connection
  • Secure Boot disabled

Launching DTS

To access Dasharo Tools Suite:

  • Attach a wired network cable to the device's Ethernet port
  • Power on the device, holding down the Boot Menu entry key
  • In the Boot Menu, select the iPXE Network Boot option
  • In the Network Boot menu, select the Dasharo Tools Suite option
  • Login as root (no password)

The DTS shell will now appear.

Using DTS

Within DTS, you may use the flashrom and fwupdmgr utilities to update, downgrade, or reinstall your firmware.

To update your firmware to the latest version:

$ fwupdmgr refresh
$ fwupdmgr update