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coreboot vboot signing


Verified Boot is a method of verifying that the firmware compents haven't been tampered with. It uses cryptographic signatures to determine whether the firmware comes from trusted source. This document covers the procedure for generating vboot keys and configuring the coreboot build system to sign the binaries with the generated keys.


Navigate to the coreboot tree.

Generating keys

Start by updating git submodules:

git submodule update --init --checkout

Build and install vboot utilities:

cd 3rdparty/vboot
sudo make install

Navigate to the directory containing vboot key generation scripts:

cd scripts/keygeneration

Generate the scripts with the following command:


The keys will be created in the directory 3rdparty/vboot/scripts/keygeneration.

Adding keys to the coreboot config

In the root of the coreboot tree, execute the following command:

make nconfig

Navigate to Security -> Verified Boot (vboot) -> Vboot keys and enter the paths to the keys in the appropriate fields.

Exit nconfig by pressing Esc repeatedly and pressing Enter when prompted to save the configuration.

Now, rebuild coreboot with this config to generate images signed with the chosen vboot keys.