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coreboot building


This documents describes the procedure for compiling coreboot for Clevo NV41MZ.



The easiest way to build coreboot is to use the official Docker image.

Obtain the image:

$ docker pull coreboot/coreboot-sdk:0ad5fbd48d

Obtain coreboot source code for Clevo NV41:

$ git clone

Navigate to the source code directory and checkout to the desired revision:

Replace the REVISION with one of the: - clevo_nv41mz/release for the latest released version - clevo_nv41mz/vVERSION (e.g. v1.0.1) for the given release

$ cd coreboot
$ git checkout REVISION
$ git submodule update --init --recursive --checkout

Enter the Docker container:

$ docker run -u $UID --rm -it -v $PWD:/home/coreboot/coreboot -w /home/coreboot/coreboot \
    coreboot/coreboot-sdk:0ad5fbd48d /bin/bash

Warning: Do not run docker as root. This command should be executed as your current user. If you're having trouble running docker on your user account, follow the steps outlined in Requirements.

You should be inside the Docker container. Now run following script to build the image:

$ ./ build

The resulting coreboot image will be placed in artifacts/dasharo_clevo_nv41mz_VERSION.rom.