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Building manual


This documents describes the procedure for compiling Dasharo firmware compatible with MSI PRO Z690-A WIFI DDR4.


sudo apt install git unzip wget
  • UEFIExtract installed
    • this tool is used in the script to extract CPU microcode from the original MSI firmware
sudo apt install wget
sudo cp ./UEFIExtract /usr/local/bin


Obtain Dasharo source code for MSI PRO Z690-A WIFI DDR4:

Replace the REVISION with one of the:

  • msi_ms7d25/release for the latest released version
  • msi_ms7d25_vVERSION (e.g. msi_ms7d25_v0.1.0) for the given release
git clone -b REVISION

Navigate to the source code directory and start the build process:

cd coreboot
./ ddr4

The resulting Dasharo firmware image will be placed at build/coreboot.rom.