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Community test results


The following document contains information about additional tests which were carried out on the MSI Z690-A platform with Dasharo firmware by community members.

The following list is created based on the information from the community - people which are currently using the platform with Dasharo firmware.

This document contains three main sections: - Contributing in which we are describing preferred of reporting the results. - Testing method in which we are describing our preferred testing method. - Hardware Compatible List in which in a labelled manner we show all tests carried out by the community.


Feel free to perform different tests and report your results via email or submit a Pull Request to Dasharo documentation repository or by using Dasharo issues repository.

Testing method

Platform testing might be carried out on the basis of Dasharo Test Specification.

If you prefer another mechanism for checking any functionality or check any mechanism that we did not include in the documentation - describe it in the test report issue.

Community test results

No. Description Link to description Notes