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Feel free to test different processors and report your results via email or submit a Pull Request to Dasharo documentation repository or by using Dasharo issues repository.

If you already have reported your results and you change some hardware configuration we would appreciate an additional HCL report.

HCL list

CPU Hardware Compatibility List presents the CPUs tested and verified to work with Dasharo by community. The following list does not include CPU which is tested and verfied in 3mdeb laboratory - this information might be found in Hardware Matrix documentation.


  • Processor name: the full name of processor including vendor, brand and CPU number.
  • Core name: CPU core codename.
  • CPU base speed: based CPU speed.
  • CPU boost speed: boosted CPU speed.
  • Wattage: declared by producer processor wattage.
  • GPU: information about embedded graphics processing unit.
  • Results: link to measurement results.

Information about processor name, core name and speed might be read from OS (Linux systems - command lscpu, Windows systems - System information menu). Rest of the information might be read from CPU package or documentation.

Processor name Core name CPU base speed CPU boost speed Wattage GPU Results
Intel Core i9-12900K Alder Lake 3.2 GHz 5.3 GHz 125 UHDGraphics710 Qubes HCL reports
Intel Core i7-12700K Alder Lake 3.6 GHz 5.0 GHz 125 UHDGraphics770 Qubes HCL reports
Intel Core i5-12400F Alder Lake 2.5 GHz 4.4 GHz 65 -