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  • Releases - groups information about all releases.
  • Building manual - describes how to build Dasharo for the MSI PRO Z690-A.
  • Initial deployment - describes initial Dasharo deployment methods (i. e. flashing new firmware) for the MSI PRO Z690-A.
  • Firmware update - explains supported Dasharo open-source firmware update methods.
  • Recovery - gathers information on how to recover the platform from potential failure.
  • Hardware configuration matrix - describes the platform's hardware configuration used during the Dasharo firmware validation procedure.
  • Test matrix - describes the validation scope used during the Dasharo firmware validation procedure.
  • Development - describes information for Dasharo developers.
  • Memory Compatibility - describes compatible memory modules tested by the community.
  • CPU Compatibility - describes compatible processors tested by the community.
  • GPU Compatibility - describes compatible graphics cards tested by the community.
  • Community test results - describes the test results performed by the community.
  • FAQ - answers for frequently asked questions.

Useful documents

Press releases

Buy the MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 with Dasharo firmware

The Full PC Build with MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 motherboard with Dasharo firmware is available at the official 3mdeb store.

You can also buy the product by mailing us at:

Device assembly and presale validation will be carried out in accordance with the following procedure.