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EC firmware update

coreboot has been developed and tested in combination with Embedded Controller firmware version 1.07.05 and 1.07.08. Therefore, before flashing coreboot, it's necessary to first check and update/downgrade the EC firmware to one of these versions.

At the moment, the EC firmware version can only be checked while running stock Insyde BIOS firmware.

Check EC firmware version

To check the current EC firmware version while running stock Insyde BIOS, run the following command:

dmidecode -t 0 | grep `Firmware Revision`

Firmware Revision: 7.5

The line Firmware Revision: 7.5 indicates that the EC is running firmware version 1.07.05, which is one of the supported versions. If the version is different, it is necessary to upgrade (or downgrade) the EC firmware to a supported version.

Update EC firmware

Updating the EC is performed with the EcFlash EFI application.

  • Download EC firmware 1.07.05
  • Format a USB stick to FAT32
  • Extract the update to root directory of the USB stick
  • Plug the stick into the laptop
  • Boot the laptop into the UEFI shell
  • Open the USB stick, e.g. by running the command FS0: - one of the filesystems in the FS list will be the USB stick
  • Run the command EcFlash.NSH to update the EC

The laptop will update the EC and reboot automatically. EcFlash can also be used while running coreboot.