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The Vault is a small form network appliance built for use as a firewall / router, virtualization platform, a daily-driven personal computer, and more. The VP46XX is the second platform of the Vault Pro series with higher performance and newer technology than the original FW6 series.

The VP46XX features an Intel 10th Generation CPU, 2x DDR4 DIMM modules, 6x Intel i225-V 2.5G Ethernet ports, PCIe x4/SATA NVMe storage, LPC TPM, M.2 WIFI and WWAN slots.

  • VP4630 - Intel Core i3-10110U
  • VP4650 - Intel Core i5-10210U
  • VP4670 - Intel Core i7-10810U (both v1 and v2 versions, see the Intel FSP repo for details))

For more information please refer to the references below.


Documentation sections

  • Releases - groups information about all releases.
  • Building manual - describes how to build Dasharo for NovaCustom NV4x.
  • Initial deployment - describes initial Dasharo deployment methods (i. e. flashing new firmware) for Protectli VP46xx.
  • Firmware update - explains supported Dasharo open-source firmware update methods.
  • Recovery - gathers information on how to recover the platform from potential failure.
  • Hardware configuration matrix - describes the platform's hardware configuration used during the Dasharo firmware validation procedure.
  • Test matrix - describes validation scope used during Dasharo firmware validation procedure.
  • Post-installation setup