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Test matrix


The test matrix is used to determine the scope of tests which the DUT is subjected from before the release of the new binary. The test scope is the same for all platforms of the VP46XX family.

Module: Dasharo compatibility

No. Supported test suite Test suite ID Supported test cases
1. Memory HCL HCL All
2. UEFI compatible interface EFI All
3. Display ports DSP DSP002.001, DSP002.002, DSP002.003, DSP003.001, DSP003.002, DSP003.003
4. Network boot utilities NBT All
5. NVMe support NVM All
6. Custom logo CLG All
7. Custom boot menu key CBK All
8. USB HID and MSC Support USB USB001.XXX and USB002.XXX
9. FreeBSD support BSD All
10. Debian Stable and Ubuntu LTS support LBT LBT003.001, LBT003.002, LBT004.001, LBT004.002
11. USB-C support UTC UTC004.001, UTC004.002
12. M.2 WiFi/Bluetooth WLE ALL
13. eMMC support MMC MMC001.001
14. SMBIOS DMI DMI002.001, DMI003.001, DMI004.001, DMI005.001, DMI006.001
15. Custom network boot entries CNB CNB001.002
16. M.2 automatic SATA/NVMe switching support MSS MSS001.001
17. Windows booting WBT WBT001.001
18. Audio subsystem AUD AUD001.001, AUD001.002, AUD002.001, AUD002.002, AUD003.001, AUD003.002, AUD004.001, AUD004.002, AUD005.001, AUD005.002, AUD006.001, AUD006.002
19. UEFI Shell USH All
20. USB detection UDT All
21. USB booting UBT All
22. pfSense support PFS All
23. OPNsense support OPN All
24. Proxmox support PVE All
25. Ubuntu Server support USS All

Module: Dasharo security

No. Supported test suite Test suite ID Supported test cases
1. TPM Support TPM Without TPM001.001,TPM002.001 and TPM003.001
2. Verified Boot support VBO Without VBO006.001 and VBO007.001
3. Measured Boot support MBO All
4. Secure Boot support SBO All
5. ME disable/neuter support MNE MNE004.001
6. BIOS lock support BLS All
7. USB stack enable/disable USS All
8. SMM BIOS write protection SMM All

Note: in Dasharo compatible with Protectli VP46xx ME is soft-disabled by default - no additional option for ME disabling is available in the Setup Menu.

Module: Dasharo performance

No. Supported test suite Test suite ID Supported test cases
1. coreboot bring up time measurement CBMEM All
2. CPU temperature measure CPT All
3. CPU frequency measure CPF Without CPU003.XXX and CPU005.XXX
4. Platform stability STB All
5. Ubuntu booting performance test BUB All
6. Debian booting performance test BDE All
7. FreeBSD booting performance test BFB All
8. Proxmox booting performance test BPM All
9. Ubuntu Server booting performance test BUS All
10. OPNsense (serial output) booting performance test BOS All
11. OPNsense (VGA output) booting performance test BOV All
12. pfSense (serial output) booting performance test BPS All
13. pfSense (VGA output) booting performance test BPV All