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Dasharo is open-source firmware distribution focusing on clean and simple code, long-term maintenance, transparent validation, privacy-respecting implementation, liberty for the owners, and trustworthiness for all.

Dasharo consists of productized services, open-core, and SaaS products which help to provide scalable, modular, easy to combine open-source BIOS, UEFI, and firmware solutions. It offers the components that are needed to develop and maintain a high quality, and modular firmware, for the stability and security of your platform.

Dasharo homepage

Compatible hardware

Refer to the Supported hardware section.


  • Dasharo Matrix Workspace - general Dasharo discussion, support and other open-source firmware related work.
  • Dasharo OSF vPub - 3-4 times a year we organize online party to discuss recent achievements in open-source firmware, open source hardware and open instruction set architecture. Feel free to check the website about recent vPub plans or subscribe to newsletter.