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A new kind of BIOS firmware that will solve the problems of ownership, security and compatibility allowing you create secure, efficient images that are fully customizable to your tastes and needs.

Dasharo is a set of productized services, Open Core, and SaaS products which help to provide scalable, modular, easy to combine Open Source BIOS, UEFI, and Firmware solutions. It offers the components that are needed to develop and maintain a high quality, and modular firmware, for the stability and security of your platform.

Dasharo homepage


  • Dasharo Matrix Workspace - general Dasharo discussion, support and other open source firmware related work.
  • Dasharo OSF vPub - 3-4 times a year we organize online party to discuss recent achievements in open source firmware, open source hardware and open instruction set architecture. Feel free to check the website about recent vPub plans or subscribe to newsletter.

Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)

Also called variants or flavours. In essence Dasharo SKUs are set of Open Source Firmware releases produced for given market segment with awareness of features that given segment requires. Each market segment includes two types of platforms: Reference Platform (RP) and Hardware Compatibility List Platforms (HCLP).

What SKUs we support:

Dasharo SKUs roadmap is available on SKUs Overview page.