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Dasharo is an open-source firmware distribution crafted with an emphasis on trustworthiness, privacy, and liberty. Our mission is to empower users with a firmware they can trust. We believe in open development, firmware resilience, platform security transparency, right to repair and digital sovereignty. Here's what makes Dasharo the go-to choice for secure firmware:

Key Features

  • Seamless Deployment: Start your journey with Dasharo effortlessly. Learn how →
  • Clean & Simple Code: Our code is readable and maintainable, designed with developers in mind. Explore our GitHub →
  • Long-term Maintenance: We are committed to supporting Dasharo for years to come. Read about our vision →
  • Professional Support: Our team of experts is here to help you at every step. Get support →
  • Transparent Validation: We believe in a transparent process with no black boxes. See our validation process →
  • Superior Documentation: Detailed documentation to help you understand every facet of Dasharo. Visit our docs →
  • Privacy-Respecting Implementation: We prioritize your privacy, ensuring your data remains yours. Learn more →
  • Liberty for Owners: Dasharo gives you complete control over your firmware. Discover the freedom →

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Dasharo is a registered trademark and product developed by 3mdeb.

🖥️ Compatible Hardware

Find the perfect hardware match for Dasharo in our comprehensive Supported Hardware Section.

💼 Commercial Inquiries

Looking to integrate Dasharo into your business? Reach out to us for commercial inquiries and collaborations.

🌍 Community

Become a part of the vibrant Dasharo community:

  • Chat with Us: Join the conversation in the Dasharo Matrix Workspace.
  • Stay Updated: Don't miss our quarterly Dasharo Events featuring:
    • Dasharo User Group (DUG): A forum for Dasharo users to connect, share experiences, and stay informed.
    • Dasharo Developers vPub: A relaxed virtual meetup for developers and enthusiasts to discuss, share, and connect.

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📰 Blog

Catch up on the latest in the Dasharo world:

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