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Supermicro X11 LGA1151 Series are mainboards dedicated for servers and workstations. Most notable examples of this hardware are X11SSH-TF and X11SSH-F. Ideal motherboard for NAS servers, with a PCIE x16 slot to potentially accommodate a graphics card.

To learn more about our motivation for the coreboot port and Dasharo compatible with Supermicro X11 LGA1151 Series please check references section. If you want to build, initially deploy, update or recover your setup please check documentation sections on the left.


Dasharo compatible with Supermicro X11 LGA1151 Series is a community-driven effort. We work on this in our free time, since we have no sponsor for this project. To address the issue we organize virtual hackathon on Dasharo Matrix whenever we can. At this point two communinty members are engaged (collector-ynh with X11SSH-F and pietrushnic with X11SSH-TF, we also have X11SSH-TF in 3mdeb lab). Feel free to contact us if you wan to talk about project status.

Please note that Dasharo compatilbe with Supermicro X11 LGA1151 Series may work with various boards from this family, at this stage only X11SSH-F and X11SSH-TF can be treated as tested. This state can change when we will enter more mature state with transparent validation results published in Releases section and hardware configuration matrix used for testing. We may also consider CPU, DRAM and GPU HCL sections in documentation.

If you are interested in this project, please consider joining the community-dirven effort or supporting us in other way.

The most advanced code is on development branch. This code supports only Dasharo (coreboot+UEFI). Work in progress documentation can be found here.

NOTE: We decided to follow divide and conquer strategy, every piece of contribution which was verified and reviewed will be merged even if that is just small part of bigger documentation . Otherwise we will never move forward.