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Firmware update

The following documentation describes the process of Dasharo open-source firmware update.

  1. Copy the binaries to the BMC:

    scp build/bootblock.signed.ecc root@<BMC_IP>:/tmp/bootblock.signed.ecc
    scp build/coreboot.rom.signed.ecc root@<BMC_IP>:/tmp/coreboot.rom.signed.ecc
  2. Flash the binaries by replacing the HBB partition (execute from BMC):

    pflash -e -P HBB -p /tmp/bootblock.signed.ecc
    pflash -e -P HBI -p /tmp/coreboot.rom.signed.ecc
  3. Log into the BMC GUI at https://<BMC_IP>.

  4. Enter the Server power operations (https://<BMC_IP>/#/server-control/power-operations) and invoke warm reboot.

  5. Go to Serial over LAN remote console (https://<BMC_IP>/#/server-control/remote-console).

  6. Enjoy the updated firmware running on Talos II.