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Please read the overview page first!

BIOS Update through BMC

Following instruction was tested on:

  • X11SSH-TF v1.01

For information how to identify your mainboard model pelase check faq.

Following documentation describes the process of recovering hardware from brick state with through BMC BIOS Update feature. This feature can be used also for initial deployment and Firmware Update.


License activation

Without active license you can't use BIOS Update feature. License key can be generated using kasuganosoras scripts and entered through BMC web interface (Miscellaneous->Activate License).

Up to date firmware

Please make sure you using firmware revision 01.60

If not please follow IPMI Firmware Update_NEW.pdf instruction from package that you can download here.

Unfortunately most efficient way to interact with proprietary BMC is to use Supermicro proprietary closed source tools: