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Dasharo Quality Principles

Secure Delivery

Each Dasharo release is secured cryptographically, ensuring with RSA 4096 keys the authenticity of binary SHA-256 integrity checksum. The three-step key verification is guarantees that your client receives a clean file without any third-party modifications. Integrity and signature verification procedure is included, so that the key compliance can be easily checked.

Secure Maintenance

Dasharo doesn't believe in security through obscurity. That is why each Dasharo firmware is supported with the system of Transparent Validation, proving its efficiency and quality with testing results. As an Open Source product, it provides timely emergency releases and patches together with long-lasting maintenance.


Dasharo values credibility. Each release is extended by a validation report based on a project charter and a complete changelog with a description of the product versioning.


Generic testing procedures for a given Dasharo product line are included in the product documentation. Specific testing procedures are delivered in the form of a PDF document accompanying a release.


Dasharo product line page includes a hardware compatibility platform list. The platform for which the new product line is created becomes its reference platform. The consecutive hardware platforms are added to the hardware compatibility list (HCL).


No danger of version lock. Dasharo releases are versioned according to the [Semantic Versioning 2.0.0] ( specification for the sake of consistency. Release notes comply with the [Keep A Changelog 1.0.0] specification (