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Dasharo Product Guidelines: SMBIOS Information


This document describes the guidelines for filling in the SMBIOS fields in devices supported by Dasharo. It is meant to be used primarily as a reference for Dasharo developers.

BIOS Information (Type 0)

Vendor field

The Vendor field, for firmware with release date after 13 January 2022, is set as follows:


For firmware with release date before 13 January 2022:

3mdeb Embedded Systems Consulting

BIOS Version field

The BIOS Version string is defined as follows:

Dasharo ([major_framework]+[minor_framework]) v[version]
  • major_framework refers to the primary framework in which the firmware is developed, e.g. coreboot or UEFI.
  • minor_framework is the secondary framework, a supporting component for the primary framework, e.g. a coreboot payload. May not always be used, e.g. if edk2 is used as the primary framework.
  • version means version according to official Dasharo Versioning documentation.

For TianoCore UEFIPayloadPkg, we use the simpler and more recognizable UEFI name.


  • Dasharo (coreboot+UEFI) v1.0.0 - for coreboot-based builds with TianoCore UEFIPayload
  • Dasharo (coreboot+SeaBIOS) v1.0.0 - for coreboot-based builds with SeaBIOS payload
  • Dasharo (coreboot+Heads) v1.0.0 - for coreboot-based builds with Heads payload
  • Dasharo (UEFI) v1.0.0 - for plain edk2-based builds

System Information (Type 1)

Devices with an existing BIOS implementation

In this case, set all the fields that are relevant (excluding BIOS version and vendor) to the same values as the stock firmware.

To obtain SMBIOS values from the stock firmware, either:

  • Obtain the fwdump-docker logs from 3mdeb cloud
  • Run dmidecode -t 1 on the machine itself

Devices with no existing BIOS implementation

In the case where the device does not have an existing supported BIOS or the client chooses to use different SMBIOS fields (e.g. to make it easier to differentiate devices), refer to the SMBIOS specification v3.5.0.