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Firmware update

The following documentation describes the process of Dasharo open-source firmware update. The update process may be different, depending on which firmware version is currently installed on your device.

Your firmware version can be checked by entering the Dasharo Setup Menu using the F2 key while booting.


Depending on the firmware version, there may be manual steps required to ensure that the firmware can be updated. 11th Gen devices starting from version v1.5.0 and 12th Gen devices starting from version v1.7.0 have support for Firmware Update Mode. For older versions, please continue with the Updating older versions section.

Advanced users can also build and/or flash the binaries themselves by following the steps under the Manual update section.

Firmware Update Mode

If the currently installed Dasharo version supports Firmware Update Mode, follow the steps outlined in the generic Firmware Update documentation.

Check out our YouTube video for a demonstration of Firmware Update Mode.

Updating older versions

  1. First, ensure that UEFI Secure Boot has been disabled.

  2. Boot to the Dasharo Tools Suite. We recommend the network boot option.

  3. In the main menu of Dasharo Tools Suite, select option 5 to proceed with the installation of the firmware update.

  4. In case you want to know more about the firmware update option in Dasharo Tools Suite, please check out the features section of the dedicated Dasharo Tools Suite documentation page.

Manual update

This update method is for advanced users only and is not recommended for regular end users.

Ensure that the firmware protections are disabled (1) in Dasharo Security Options. Both BIOS boot medium lock and Enable SMM BIOS write protection should be unchecked. UEFI Secure Boot must be disabled as well (uncheck Attempt Secure Boot if Current Secure Boot State does not say Disabled). To apply changes, you will need to reboot.

  1. These options were introduced in v1.5.0 for TGL models and v1.7.0 for ADL models. You can skip these steps if you are using an older firmware version.

Follow the manual update procedure described in the DTS firmware update documentation.

Please make sure you that you update the BIOS firmware and the EC firmware respectively, as the laptop will power off after the EC firmware flash.

Please also note that network boot must be enabled if you want to boot to the Dasharo Tools Suite over a network connection.