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Standard Release Process

Following procedure is generic description of release process of firmware for supported hardware platforms. Precise steps and any difference from standard process are described in platform specific documentation.

Description here is, intentionally, Open Source Firmware framework agnostics and should be maintained in that way.

Process steps

  1. Checkout new branch dasharo/<platform>_rel_vX.Y.Z from recent commit on dasharo/release - to understand versioning scheme please read Versioning section
  2. Merge current dasharo/develop to dasharo/<platform>_rel_vX.Y.Z
  3. Run platform regression test suite
  4. Fix all required issues and repeat point 3 until fixed - this doesn't mean all tests pass, this mean that approved set passed
  5. If results are accepted merge it to dasharo/release branch
  6. Add tag, which should trigger CI and publish binaries. Tag should be annotated and signed. For example:

    git tag -a -s -m "<platform>_vX.Y.Z" <platform>_vX.Y.Z
  7. Merge release branch to develop