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Dasharo for Tuxedo IBS15 Gen6 - Installation manual


Flashing coreboot can be done from Linux using flashrom with the internal programmer. This document describes the process of building, installing and running flashrom on Ubuntu 20.04.

Build flashrom

Please follow generic guide for Dasharo flashrom fork.

Reading flash contents

To read from the flash and save them to a file (dump.rom), execute the following command:

flashrom -p internal -r dump.rom

Installing Dasharo

Initial Installation

During the initial installation of Dasharo, you will need the supported Intel ME version (and configuration) to be present in the Dasharo firmware image. If you already have a Dasharo compatible ME firmware installed, then proceed with Updating Dasharo instructions.

Publicly released binaries do not contain ME binary. If you need a Dasharo compatible Intel ME update for your device, contact us via already established commercial support channel.

When flashing binaries with ME binary included, flashing of the whole chip is required. Follow the steps below:

  • Power off the laptop
  • While holding the Fn+M keys, power on the laptop - This unlocks the ME and allows for it to be overwritten. The fans will spin at 100% speed at this point
  • Execute the following command, replacing [path] with the path to the full firmware image (containing ME firmware and flash descriptor) you want to flash:
flashrom -p internal -w [full_image]
  • Reboot the laptop
  • The laptop will boot into Dasharo. After Dasharo has booted, it is safe to shut down the laptop to silence the fans

Note: if you shut down the laptop instead of rebooting, it may be necessary to hold Fn+M for it to boot the first time after flashing.

Updating Dasharo

If Dasharo is currently installed, only the BIOS region of the flash needs to be updated. Flash it using the following command:

flashrom -p internal -w [path] --ifd -i bios