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Ecosystem Overview

Dasharo ecosystem contain multiple components on various levels of organization. This section overview role of every component.

  • Open Source Firmware Community - semi-organised collections of contributors to projects related to embedded firmware. Dasharo project contributors are part of OSF community.
  • Development - Dasharo Development describes processes which Embedded Firmware Team uses for the development of Dasharo Modules, which are sometimes custom services, but most of the time ready to use productised services, Open Core or SaaS.
  • Production - Dasharo Production describes the process of putting together Dasharo Modules according to specific requirements. In this section we describe development infrastructure, build environment, CI/CD and build publishing methods. We also cover how production interacts with Dasharo Transparent Validation System.
  • Customer Infrastructure - Some customers may have the need of replicating part of Dasharo Production process and infrastructure in their own environment, which leads to repositories synchronization, different CI/CD setup and other needs. This section describes interaction with Customer Infrastructure and which part of Dasharo Production is deployable on the customer site.
  • Transparent Validation - Dasharo Transparent Validation (DTV) is a set of software, firmware and hardware components with the goal of simplifying and improving long term maintenance of Dasharo firmware. In this section we introduce components which belong to DTV.
  • Testing Infrastructure - Part of Dasharo Transparent Validation responsible for scheduling automated testing, publishing test results and interacting with Dasharo Production in the area of release candidate quality confirmation.