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Dasharo Compatibility: SATA LED and PC speaker error indication

ERR001.001 SATA LED and PC speaker error indication support (firmware)

Test description

This test aims to verify if SATA LED blink and PC speaker beeps on critical firmware errors.

Test configuration data

  1. FIRMWARE = Dasharo
  2. DUT with PC speaker
  3. DUT with SATA LED
  4. DUT with removable RAM modules.

Test setup

  1. Proceed with the Generic test setup: firmware.

Test steps

  1. Remove power from DUT.
  2. Remove all RAM memory modules from the DUT.
  3. Connect power supply and power on the DUT.
  4. Observe the DUT starts blinking the SATA LED and beeps with PC speaker.

Expected result

When no memory modules are connected, this is considered a critical firmware error and the platform can not proceed with booting. Error indication path will be triggered causing the platform to beep and blink the SATA LED. There should be only 12 beeps, but the SATA LED should blink endlessly (until DUT is powered off or reset).