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Dasharo Tools Suite

What is Dasharo Tools Suite?

Dasharo Tools Suite (DTS) is like a swiss army knife for Dasharo firmware: you can execute initial deployment, firmware update and even dump machine logs for debugging and development support.

Also refer to DTS Overview.

How to get Dasharo Entry Subscription Releases using Dasharo Tools Suite?

Dasharo Entry Subscription Releases can be used to perform firmware updates with DTS by providing Dasharo Entry Subscription credentials obtained after buying a Dasharo Entry Subscription.

Commercial use of DTS should be discussed directly with 3mdeb or Dasharo Team.

How can I use my Dasharo Entry Subscription credentials

After purchasing the Dasharo Entry Subscription, you should receive an email with keys to use with Dasharo Tools Suite. This section describes how to do it.

  • Firstly, run DTS from a USB flash drive, documentation on this is included here.

  • After booting, you will see a text menu, choose option number 4, Load your DES keys, by pressing 4 and Enter.

  • Next, rewrite the credentials received in the following order:

    • logs key,
    • firmware download key,
    • password.
  • Credentials will be verified by DTS attempting to connect to our server. If successful, the message Verification of the Dasharo DES was successful. They are valid and will be used. will be displayed.

Below is a short video that present loading DES keys.


How to support us?

In general there are three ways to support us:

I have more time than money and I can code

Please help us develop Dasharo influence on open-source firmware market and spread the word about it. There are multiple ways to do that:

To get access to DTS SE you should contact 3mdeb or Dasharo Team and prove your contribution regarding above areas of support and influence. If it would be meaningful we would be glad to give you access to DTS SE for a year.

I have more time than money and I can't code

Please contribute ideas for new features, review documentation and help testing bug fixes.

If you would like to pursue that path please contact us on Dasharo - General Matrix channel to agree on scope of contribution to avoid any potential collision with other developers. To get access to DTS SE you should contact 3mdeb or Dasharo Team with links to your contribution and we would be glad to provide one year of DTS SE updates.

I have more money than time

Please donate using one of available methods and contact 3mdeb or Dasharo Team to let us know about your donation. Minimal donating to access DTS SE with one year update support is 60EUR.