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RTE Introduction

RTE is certified Open Source Hardware, so based on published schematics you can build and modify PCB yourself.

RTE is a hat designed for Orange Pi Zero board which runs specially crafted Linux distribution using the Yocto Project. RTE boards are used for controlling Device Under Test fully remotely through the network interface. Most common applications are:

  • debugging tasks,
  • flashing firmware,
  • controlling GPIOs
  • power management for Device Under Test.

Where to buy?

RTE can be also bought in our 3mdeb shop.

Full Remote Testing Environment set includes:

Category Description Quantity
shield Remote Testing Environment v1.1.0 1
control unit Orange Pi Zero 256MB RAM version 1
power supply MicroUSB 5V/2A 1
storage SanDisk 16GB microSD card (with preinstalled compatible system) 1
clip Pomona 8-pin SOIC clip for Device Under Test SPI interface 1
cables standard female-female connection wire 2.56mm raster 8
cables IDC 8-pin wires for Device Under Test SPI interface 1
cables DC Jack - DC Jack power cable for Device Under Test 1
cables RS232 D-Sub 9P/9P cable for serial communication 1
jumpers jumper for UART OUTPUT SELECT header 2
spacers Polyamide M3 spacers and bolts 4

Why choose 3mdeb RTE?

  • high accessibility and flexibility

    test your device from any location.

  • efficiency

    simplify validation: write one script and run it on unlimited platforms. Don’t repeat yourself!

  • independent development

    open hardware license: modify, upgrade and set it as you like. All blueprints are at your disposal.

  • instant setup

    intuitive connection: you do not need to be a certified engineer.

  • automation

    time is money: let the machine do all the work for you