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Firmware update

The following documentation describes the process of Dasharo open-source firmware update. If your device is currently flashed with the proprietary firmware please refer to the Initial deployment documentation.

The update process may be different, depending on the currently installed Dasharo firmware version.

For simplicity of the update process, we recommend using Dasharo Tools Suite.

Before starting the update procedure be sure to disable Dasharo BIOS Boot medium lock and Secure Boot:

  1. Power on the device.
  2. While the device is booting, hold the DELETE key to enter the UEFI Setup Menu.
  3. Enter the Dasharo System Features menu using the arrow keys and Enter.
  4. Enter the Dasharo Security Options submenu.
  5. Verify the state of the Lock the BIOS boot medium option - if the option is chosen, press Space and then F10 to save the changes.
  6. Go back to the main menu using the ESC key.
  7. Enter the Device Manager menu.
  8. Enter the Secure Boot Configuration submenu.
  9. Verify that the Current Secure Boot State field says Disabled - if not, unselect the Attempt Secure Boot option below then press F10 to save the changes.
  10. Reboot the device to properly apply the changes.

The settings of all the above options can be restored after a firmware update.

Updating to Dasharo v1.2.0

Due to the major changes, such as ME update, and firmware layout adjustments (to store the boot logo), flashing of the whole firmware is required:

flashrom -p internal -w protectli_vp46xx_v1.2.0.rom

Updating to Dasharo v1.0.18 or v1.0.19 or v1.1.0

From v1.0.18 Dasharo firmware is rebased on the more up-to-date revision of coreboot.

If the current version of the firmware on the device is older than v1.0.18 or you are migrating from proprietary firmware the whole flash chip should be flashed as described in Initial Deployment.

If the current version of the firmware on the device is v1.0.18 and it should be updated to v1.0.19 or v1.1.0, only the WP_RO and RW_SECTION_A should be flashed. To do this the following command should be used:

flashrom -p internal -w protectli_vault_cml_v1.0.19.rom --fmap -i WP_RO -i RW_SECTION_A

Updating on Dasharo v1.0.16 or v1.0.17

Only the RW_SECTION_A partition of the flash needs to be updated. Flash it using the following command:

flashrom -p internal -w protectli_vault_cml_v1.0.16.rom --fmap -i RW_SECTION_A

This command also preserves Dasharo UEFI settings and the boot order.

Updating on older Dasharo versions

In this case, the whole bios region must be updated.

flashrom -p internal -w protectli_vault_cml_v1.0.13.rom --ifd -i bios