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Firmware update

Following documentation describes the process of Dasharo open-source firmware update.

The process may be different, depending on the currently installed Dasharo firmware version.

For simplicity we recommend using Dasharo Tools Suite.

Updating to Dasharo v1.0.18

v1.0.18 is a refreshed release, rebased on more up-to-date revision of coreboot and it requires to flash whole image as described in Initial Deployment.

Updating on Dasharo v1.0.16 or v1.0.17

Only the RW_SECTION_A partition of the flash needs to be updated. Flash it using the following command:

flashrom -p internal -w protectli_vault_cml_v1.0.16.rom --fmap -i RW_SECTION_A

This command also preserves Dasharo UEFI settings and the boot order.

Updating on older Dasharo versions

In this case, the whole bios region must be updated.

flashrom -p internal -w protectli_vault_cml_v1.0.13.rom --ifd -i bios