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Dasharo compatible with MinnowBoard Turbot - lab assembly guide


This document gathers various notes and documentation useful for development of Dasharo compatible with the MinnowBoard Turbot platform.

Hardware connection


  • RTE

  • USB-UART converter

  • DC Jack - DC Jack wire


MinnowBoard exposes a pin header with debug UART on J4.

  • Attach the pins on MinnowBoard to the USB-UART converter.
USB-UART converter Minnowboard Uart header (J4)
TX 4 (RX)
RX 5 (TX)


RTE header J7 pin Minnowboard header J1 pin
1 (NC) 3.3V connect from RTE J9 pin 1
2 (GND) 2 (GND)
3 (CS) 3 (SPICS#) via 1.2 kOhm resistor
5 (MISO) 5 (SPIDI)
6 (MOSI) 6 (SPIDO)
7 (NC) Not connected
8 (NC) Not connected

Power supply

  • Connect 5V power supply to RTE J12 connector
  • Connect RTE J13 connector to MinnowBoard J9 connector with a DC Jack - DC Jack wire

You can control the power supply using the osfv_cli tool:

osfv_cli rte --rte_ip <rte-ip> --model minnowmax rel tgl
  • Power switch can also be controlled from the RTE. Connect the power control pins according to the following table:
RTE MinnowBoard
J11 Pin 9 J5 Pin 1
J15 GND J5 Pin 2

The power state can be controlled with the osfv_cli script:

osfv_cli rte --rte_ip <rte-ip> --model minnowmax pwr on
osfv_cli rte --rte_ip <rte-ip> --model minnowmax pwr off
  • Example setup:


Flashing firmware

You can flash firmware with the osfv_cli tool. Before trying to flash make sure that SPI is connected properly.

osfv_cli rte --rte_ip <rte_ip> --model minnowmax flash write --rom <path_to_binary>