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Installation manual

Flashing coreboot can be done from Linux using flashrom with the internal programmer. This document describes the process of building, installing and running flashrom on Ubuntu 22.04.

Installing flashrom

Your distribution will need at least flashrom v1.0.

sudo apt install flashrom

Reading flash contents

Always prepare a backup of the current firmware image. To read from the flash and save them to a file (dump.rom), execute the following command:

sudo flashrom -p internal -r dump.rom

Flashing Dasharo

flashrom -p internal -w [path] --ifd -i bios

To flash Dasharo on the platform, execute the following command - replace [path] with the path to the Dasharo image you want to flash, e.g. protectli_fw6_DF_v1.0.14.rom.

sudo flashrom -p internal -w protectli_fw6_DF_v1.0.14.rom --ifd -i bios

After successful operation reboot the platform.