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Release Notes

Following Release Notes describe status of Open Source Firmware development for ASUS KGPE-D16.

For details about our release process please read Dasharo Standard Release Process.

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Test results for this platform can be found here.

v0.4.0 - 2022-09-12

Test results for this release can be found here.


  • ACPI cleanup
  • Added missing PCI bridge initialization


Known issues


asus_kgpe-d16_v0.4.0_16M_vboot_notpm.rom sha256 sha256.sig

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.4.0_16M_vboot_tpm12.rom sha256 sha256.sig

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.4.0_16M_vboot_tpm2.rom sha256 sha256.sig

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.4.0_8M_vboot_notpm.rom sha256 sha256.sig

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.4.0_8M_vboot_tpm12.rom sha256 sha256.sig

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.4.0_8M_vboot_tpm2.rom sha256 sha256.sig

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.4.0_vboot_notpm.rom sha256 sha256.sig

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.4.0_vboot_tpm12.rom sha256 sha256.sig

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.4.0_vboot_tpm2.rom sha256 sha256.sig

See how to verify signatures on this video

SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)

v0.3.0 - 2021-12-16


  • TPM support
  • vboot support (see how to sign and protect the image here)
  • build targets for vboot with measured boot using TPM 1.2 and TPM 2.0


  • cmos.layout being incorrectly mapped from RW CBFS during coreboot tables generation
  • CC6 storage area being incorrectly included in cbmem top calculations
  • ACPI DSDT LPC device name which caused TPM to be undetected by OS
  • SPI controller driver sometimes dropping bytes sent/received through SPI FIFO


  • 2MB vboot TPM 1.2

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.3.0_2M_vboot_TPM1.2.rom sha256 sha256.sig

  • 2MB vboot TPM 2.0

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.3.0_2M_vboot_TPM2.0.rom sha256 sha256.sig

  • 8MB vboot TPM 1.2

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.3.0_8M_vboot_TPM1.2.rom sha256 sha256.sig

  • 8MB vboot TPM 2.0

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.3.0_8M_vboot_TPM2.0.rom sha256 sha256.sig

  • 16MB vboot TPM 1.2

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.3.0_16M_vboot_TPM1.2.rom sha256 sha256.sig

  • 16MB vboot TPM 2.0

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.3.0_16M_vboot_TPM2.0.rom sha256 sha256.sig

SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)

v0.2.0 - 2021-12-9


  • coreboot resource allocator v4 support
  • Nuvoton W83795 HW monitor driver
  • automatic fan control with W83795
  • platform and silicon ramstage support
  • 2MB, 8MB and 16MB SPI flash targets
  • SeaBIOS, iPXE and nvramcui payloads


  • 2MB target

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.2.0_2M.rom sha256 sha256.sig

  • 8MB target

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.2.0_8M.rom sha256 sha256.sig

  • 16MB target

asus_kgpe-d16_v0.2.0_16M.rom sha256 sha256.sig

SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)

v0.1.0 - 2021-11-10


  • C bootblock support
  • postcar stage and no CAR global migration support
  • separated chipset and mainboard code
  • put non-mainboard specific romstage initialization to northirdge
  • support for relocatable ramstage with caching in CBMEM





SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)