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SDWire Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can I ensure that SDWire is compatible with my system?

The SDWire has been tested on the RTE (Remote Testing Environment) platform with Orange Pi Zero and GoodRam MicroSDHC 32 GB Class 10 UHS-I/U1. You can learn more about the RTE platform here.

For usage documentation, please visit SDWire usage validation section. Please note that the "First use" has already been completed during the pre-sale validation of the SDWire.

We haven't conducted specific compatibility tests on other platforms, so we cannot provide detailed information regarding its compatibility with other devices.

Can I use SDWire to download photos from a DSLR camera remotely?

Yes, the product is designed to facilitate remote access and data management for SD cards, which should work well for your purpose of retrieving photos from a remote DSLR camera.

For additional details please refer to the official documentation:

These resources will provide you with comprehensive guidance on how to make the most of the product for your specific needs.

What is the maximum SD card read and write speed limit?

We conducted a simple test involving multiple attempts to flash an SD card inserted into SD Wire. The data transfer rates for these successive attempts ranged between 12 MB/s and 21 MB/s.

You can locate the hardware list used for testing by visiting the following link.