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Flashing custom firmware

This document describes the steps for installing, reinstalling or downgrading Dasharo firmware.


This guide is for advanced users and firmware developers looking to install custom, older or development versions of firmware. If you're not sure if this applies to you, you probably don't need to follow this guide.


If you're flashing firmware that is not signed with Dasharo vboot keys, you will need to disable some security measures first. Enter the UEFI setup menu and disable (if present):

  • SMM BIOS Write Protection
  • BIOS Boot Medium Lock
  • UEFI Secure Boot

If you plan on reflashing Intel ME firmware, you should also disable it using any of the available methods first.


To install vendor firmware:

flashrom -p internal -w [firmware.bin]

To install a previous or custom version of Dasharo:


In general flashing only the BIOS region is needed when flashing older or custom versions of Dasharo. However, sometimes, an update of other regions is also necessary. If unsure, consult the release notes for your mainboard.

flashrom -p internal --ifd -i bios -w [firmware.bin]