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Dasharo Compatibility: Memory Profile Switching

MPS003.001 Booting at XMP profile 1

Test description

This test aims to verify that XMP profile #1 is functional and that the DUT is able to train memory at the settings specified by the XMP profile.

XMP is an overclocking feature. The outcome of this test is inherently dependent on the DIMM modules tested as well as the silicon quality of the CPU itself.

Test configuration data

  1. FIRMWARE = Dasharo

Test setup

  1. Proceed with the Generic test setup: firmware.

Test steps

  1. Power on the DUT.
  2. While booting, press the SETUP_MENU_KEY to enter Setup Menu.
  3. Enter the Dasharo System Features menu option.
  4. Enter the Memory Configuration submenu.
  5. Set the Memory SPD Profile option to the XMP Profile 1 setting.
  6. Save settings and reset the DUT.

Expected result

The DUT correctly boots after the setting is applied.