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Firmware update

Please read the overview page first!

Following documentation describe process of Dasharo open-source firmware distribution update.


OS booting

For simplicity we recommend using network booted Dasharo Tools Suite.

Dasharo (coreboot+SeaBIOS) update

  • Make sure a wired network cable to the device's Ethernet port
  • Boot platform and from SeaBIOS menu choose Dasharo Network Boot Menu
  • In the Dasharo Network Boot Menu, select the Dasharo Tools Suite option
  • Enter shell using option 9)
  • Download the Dell OptiPlex 7010/9010 Dasharo from release section or build from source.
  • Flash it using:
flashrom -p internal --ifd -i bios -w <dasharo_optiplex_9010_firmware>

Please note that not using -i bios may lead to this issue -->