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Test matrix - Tuxedo - Tuxedo IBS15


The test matrix is used to determine the scope of tests which the DUT is subjected from before the release of the new binary.

Module: Dasharo compatibility

No. Supported test suite Test suite ID Supported test cases
1. Memory HCL HCL All
2. UEFI compatible interface EFI All
3. Display ports and LCD support DSP DSP001.001, DSP001.002, DSP001.003, DSP002.001, DSP002.002, DSP002.003
4. Embedded Controller and Super I/O initialization ECR Without -
5. NVMe support NVM All
6. Custom logo CLG All
7. Custom boot menu key CBK All
8. USB HID and MSC Support USB All
9. Debian Stable and Ubuntu LTS support LBT LBT003.001, LBT003.002, LBT004.001, LBT004.002
10. UEFI Shell USH All
11. Windows booting WBT WBT001.001
12. Audio subsystem AUD All
13. USB-C support UTC All
14. Network boot PXE PXE007.001
15. M.2 WiFi/Bluetooth WLE All
16. SD card support SDC All
17. USB Camera verification CAM All
19. Fan speed measure FAN FAN001.001
20. SMBIOS DMI DMI002.001, DMI003.001, DMI005.001, DMI006.001, DMI007.001, DMI008.001

Module: Dasharo security

No. Supported test suite Test suite ID Supported test cases
1. TPM Support TPM Without TPM001.001 and TPM002.001
2. Verified Boot support VBO VBO006.002, VBO007.002,
3. Measured Boot support MBO All
4. Secure Boot support SBO Without SBO006.001, SBO007.001 and SBO008.001