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Dasharo APU Configuration

The Dasharo APU Configuration menu is an exclusive menu for PC Engines apu platforms. This menu is intended to provide equivalent runtime configuration capabilities as PC Engines sortbootorder.

Not all sortbootorder options may be currently available. They may be added in the future.

Dasharo APU Configuration menu options

When entering the Dasharo APU Configuration menu, one may see the following options to appear:

Core Performance Boost

This option enables AMD Core Performance Boost (aka CPU Turbo). When enabled firmware will make 2 additional boosted P-states available. Core Performance Boost is able to raise a single core frequency from 1000MHz up to 1400MHz if other cores are pretty much inactive.

Disable this option if you notice system unstabilities.


Enable watchdog option controls whether the AMD FCH watchdog will be enabled during boot. When selected, the Watchdog timeout value will appear, where one can specify the watchdog expiration timeout in seconds.

The watchdog is useful when a platform hangs and needs to be reset automatically, which will happen if watchdog timer expires. Minimum timeout is 60s to let the OS take control over the watchdog (e.g. sp5100_tco watchdog driver for Linux) and keep reloading it to avoid resets.

PCI Express power management features

When enabled, the firmware will attempt to enable Clock Power Management, ASPM L0s and L1 on PCI Express ports. Enabling these options may result in power savings at the cost of [PCI Express device performance reduction] (