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Dasharo compatibility: Memory HCL

HCL001.001 Memory HCL - boot into OS (Ubuntu 22.04)

Test description

This test aims to verify that the DUT can boot with the memory module combinations specified in the HCL.

Test configuration data

  1. FIRMWARE = Dasharo
  2. OPERATING_SYSTEM = Ubuntu 22.04

Test setup

  1. Prepare the memory modules specified in the HCL.
  2. Proceed with the Generic test setup: firmware.
  3. Proceed with the Generic test setup: OS installer.
  4. Proceed with the Generic test setup: OS installation.

Test steps

  1. Insert the memory module into the DUT's memory port, starting with the first position from the HCL.
  2. Power on the DUT.
  3. Boot into the system.
  4. Power off the DUT.
  5. Repeat the test steps for all positions in the HCL.

Expected result

  1. The expected result is that the OS boots successfully with all memory combinations specified in the HCL
  2. If the OPERATING_SYSTEM boots, note the success and power the DUT OFF
  3. If the OPERATING_SYSTEM doesn't boot, check the logs (optional - if connected over serial console) for the FSP Memory Init has returned an error and note the failure