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Dasharo compatible with MSI PRO Z690-A and PRO Z790-P - development


This document gather various notes and documentation useful for development of Dasharo compatible with the MSI PRO Z690-A and PRO Z790-P platform.

Hardware connection


Serial debug

  • Attach the jumpers in J16 header to enable header J18 according to the table below:
Jumper position (TX) Jumper position (RX)
  • Connect signals from the J18 header to serial receiver:
RTE Msi Z690
J18 pin 1 (GND) JBD1 pin 1 (pin closer to JBAT1)
J18 pin 2 (RX) JBD1 pin 2 (pin further from JBAT1)

Pins on JBD1 are not described in the documentation. They have been discovered experimentally. Pay attention to the connections.

Please also note that this is uni-directional communication. We can gether logs from booting, but we cannot provide input to the platform at the same time.



  • For external flashing, connect RTE with motherboard according to the table below:
RTE SPI header MSI Z690-A/Z790-P
J7 pin 1 (Vcc) JTPM1 pin 1 (SPI Power)
J7 pin 2 (GND) JTPM1 pin 7 (GND)
J7 pin 3 (CS) JTPM1 pin 5 (RESERVED / BIOS SPI CS pin)
J7 pin 4 (SCLK) JTPM1 pin 6 (SPI Clock)
J7 pin 5 (MISO) JTPM1 pin 3 (MISO)
J7 pin 6 (MOSI) JTPM1 pin 4 (MOSI)

JTPM1 is a 2mm pitch header, you will need 2mm to 2.54mm female-female dupont wires to connect to RTE.

The JTPM1 pin5 is actually BIOS SPI CS pin (marked as reserved in the board manual).


  • Example connection:


All connections

Power control

Power buttons control

  • Connect 12V/4A power supply to RTE J13 connector to power on RTE

  • Connect power control pins from mainboard to RTE according to the table below:

JFP1 is located in the corner of the mainbaord, near SATA interface ports

RTE MSI Z690-A/Z790-P
J11 pin 9 JFP1 pin 6 (PWR_ON)
J11 pin 8 JFP1 pin 7 (RST)
J15 pin 1 (GND) JFP1 pin 5 (GND)

Power supply control

Connect SeaSonic FOCUS Plus Platinum power supply unit to the mains via Sonoff S20 Smart Plug. To power control via RTE, Sonoff smart plug