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NovaCustom V540TU Dasharo Release Notes

Following Release Notes describe status of open-source firmware development for NovaCustom V540TU

For details about our release process please read Dasharo Standard Release Process.

v0.9.0 - 2024-07-18

Test results for this release can be found here.


Known issues


novacustom_v54x_mtl_ec_v0.9.0.rom sha256 sha256.sig

novacustom_v54x_mtl_v0.9.0.rom sha256 sha256.sig

novacustom_v54x_mtl_v0.9.0_dev_signed.rom sha256 sha256.sig

To verify binary integrity with hash and signature please follow the instructions in Dasharo release signature verification using this key

SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)