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Checkbox logs comparison


Checkbox is a flexible test automation software. It’s the main tool used in Ubuntu Certification program.

You can use this software without any modification to check if your system is behaving correctly or you can develop your own set of tests to check your needs.

Checkbox optionally generates test reports in different formats (JSON, HTML, etc.) that can be used to easily share the results of a test session.

Checkbox comparison - vendor firmware vs Dasharo

Testing assumptions

  1. Tests have been conducted on the same OS version (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS).
  2. Tests have been conducted on the same device, firstly with vendor firmware and secondly with Dasharo firmware (version 1.2.1).

Test results

  1. Test results - vendor firmware:
    • PASSED: 74,
    • FAILED: 80,
    • NOT SUPPORTED: 25.
  2. Test results - Dasharo firmware:
    • PASSED: 74,
    • FAILED: 80,
    • NOT SUPPORTED: 25.

Fails comparison

The following table collects information about all errors detected by the certification program. In the second column test case name is described and in the third and fourth columns, the information about bug appearance on vendor/Dasharo firmware is shown.

No. Test case name Dasharo firmware Vendor firmware
1 graphics/1_driver_version_TigerLake-LP_GT2__Iris_Xe_Graphics_ YES YES
2 graphics/1_driver_version_TigerLake-LP_GT2__Iris_Xe_Graphics_ YES YES
3 bluetooth4/beacon_eddystone_url_hci0 YES YES
4 mediacard/storage-preinserted-disk/by-uuid/0868-01F6 YES YES
5 mediacard/storage-preinserted-disk/by-uuid/2adea2a3-f163-4d14-b6f3-b8d628611e23 YES YES
6 mediacard/storage-preinserted-disk/by-uuid/2d67f8a9-7f79-4419-b1d3-e096ca010512 YES YES
7 mediacard/storage-preinserted-disk/by-uuid/3bb6b676-1c4d-4ffb-8ede-e68f513fcdf1 YES YES
8 wireless/wireless_connection_open_ac_nm_wlp55s0 YES YES
9 wireless/wireless_connection_open_ax_nm_wlp55s0 YES YES
10 wireless/wireless_connection_open_bg_nm_wlp55s0 YES YES
11 wireless/wireless_connection_open_n_nm_wlp55s0 YES YES
12 wireless/wireless_connection_wpa_ac_nm_wlp55s0 YES YES
13 wireless/wireless_connection_wpa_ax_nm_wlp55s0 YES YES
14 wireless/wireless_connection_wpa_bg_nm_wlp55s0 YES YES
15 wireless/wireless_connection_wpa_n_nm_wlp55s0 YES YES
16 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_import YES YES
17 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_clockrateadjust YES YES
18 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_loadexternal YES YES
19 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_rsadecrypt YES YES
20 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_activecredential YES YES
21 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_attestation YES YES
22 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_certify YES YES
23 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_certifycreation YES YES
24 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_changeauth YES YES
25 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_checkquote YES YES
26 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_clear YES YES
27 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_create YES YES
28 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_createak YES YES
29 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_createek YES YES
30 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_createpolicy YES YES
31 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_createprimary YES YES
32 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_dictionarylockout YES YES
33 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_duplicate YES YES
34 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_evictcontrol YES YES
35 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_flushcontext YES YES
36 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_getcap YES YES
37 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_getekcertificate YES YES
38 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_getrandom YES YES
39 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_gettestresult YES YES
40 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_gettime YES YES
41 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_hash YES YES
42 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_hmac YES YES
43 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_import_tpm YES YES
44 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_incrementalselftest YES YES
45 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_load YES YES
46 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_makecredential YES YES
47 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_nv YES YES
48 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_nvcertify YES YES
49 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_nvinc YES YES
50 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_output_formats YES YES
51 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_pcrevent YES YES
52 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_pcrextend YES YES
53 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_pcrlist YES YES
54 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_pcrreset YES YES
55 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_print YES YES
56 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_quote YES YES
57 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_readclock YES YES
58 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_readpublic YES YES
59 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_rsaencrypt YES YES
60 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_selftest YES YES
61 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_send YES YES
62 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_setclock YES YES
63 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_setprimarypolicy YES YES
64 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_sign YES YES
65 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_startup YES YES
66 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_stirrandom YES YES
67 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_testparms YES YES
68 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_unseal YES YES
69 tpm2.0_4.1.1/tpm2_verifysignature YES YES
70 audio/detect_sinks_sources YES YES
71 suspend/1_driver_version_after_suspend_TigerLake-LP_GT2__Iris_Xe_Graphics__auto YES YES
72 suspend/2_driver_version_after_suspend_TU117M_auto YES YES
73 suspend/audio_before_suspend YES YES
74 suspend/bluetooth_obex_send_after_suspend_auto YES YES
75 suspend/bluetooth_obex_send_before_suspend YES YES
76 usb/storage-preinserted-disk/by-uuid/0868-01F6 YES YES
77 usb/storage-preinserted-disk/by-uuid/2adea2a3-f163-4d14-b6f3-b8d628611e23 YES YES
78 usb/storage-preinserted-disk/by-uuid/2d67f8a9-7f79-4419-b1d3-e096ca010512 YES YES
79 usb/storage-preinserted-disk/by-uuid/3bb6b676-1c4d-4ffb-8ede-e68f513fcdf1 YES YES
80 usb/storage-preinserted-disk/by-uuid/452E-652F YES YES

Logs from tests

Logs are available under this link.


Test results are the same for vendor and dasharo firmware, with no differences.