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  • Releases - groups information about all releases.
  • Building manual - describes how to build Dasharo for ASUS KGPE D-16.
  • Initial deployment - describes initial Dasharo deployment methods (i. e. flashing new firmware) for ASUS KGPE D16.
  • Firmware update - explains supported Dasharo open-source firmware update methods.
  • Recovery - gathers information on how to recover the platform from potential failure.
  • Hardware configuration matrix - describes the platform's hardware configuration used during the Dasharo firmware validation procedure.
  • Test matrix - describes validation scope used during Dasharo firmware validation procedure.
  • Fan Control - describes the method of testing the automatic fan control mechanism.
  • Hardware Setup - describes the method of enabling external flashing for ASUS KGPE-D16.
  • SPI write protection - describes the method of setting the write protection for flash chip on ASUS KGPE-D16.
  • TPM measured boot - describes the measured boot behaviour on ASUS KGPE D-16.