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Building manual

Building coreboot

To build coreboot image, follow the steps below:

  1. Clone the coreboot repository:

    git clone -b asus_kgpe-d16/release
  2. Get the submodules:

    cd coreboot
    git submodule update --init --recursive --checkout
  3. Start docker container:

    docker run --rm -it -u $UID \
       -v $PWD:/home/coreboot/coreboot \
       -w /home/coreboot/coreboot \
       coreboot/coreboot-sdk:0ad5fbd48d /bin/bash
  4. Inside of the container, configure and start the build process:

    (docker)cp configs/config.asus_kgpe_d16_<variant> .config
    (docker)make olddefconfig

This will produce a debug binary placed in build/coreboot.rom for a 2MB flash chip. In order to build for 8MB or 16MB chip use the configs/config.asus_kgpe_d16_8M and configs/config.asus_kgpe_d16_16M respectively.

Dasharo v0.1.0 for KGPE-D16 supports only 8MB target with configs/config.asus_kgpe_d16.

To flash coreboot refer to Flashing section in the hardware setup page.

Other variants

Since the Dasharo v0.3.0 release the firmware comes in two more variatns: with TPM 1.2 and TPM 2.0 support. Now the possible confis to use are:

  • configs/config.asus_kgpe_d16_vboot_tpm12 - 2MB target with vboot and TPM 1.2
  • configs/config.asus_kgpe_d16_vboot_tpm2 - 2MB target with vboot and TPM 2.0
  • configs/config.asus_kgpe_d16_8M_vboot_tpm12 - 8MB target with vboot and TPM 1.2
  • configs/config.asus_kgpe_d16_8M_vboot_tpm2 - 8MB target with vboot and TPM 2.0
  • configs/config.asus_kgpe_d16_16M_vboot_tpm12 - 16MB target with vboot and TPM 1.2
  • configs/config.asus_kgpe_d16_16M_vboot_tpm2 - 16MB target with vboot and TPM 2.0