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Ways you can help us

Please consider the following methods to support us if you value what we are doing.

Join Dasharo Matrix Community

We have created Matrix Dasharo Space, an open-source online community, inviting you to join us. Matrix Dasharo Space is a place where you can find solutions to many problems, and if not - our community will gladly help you. We encourage you to troubleshoot your open-source firmware issues there.

Here is invitation link.

Inside you will find multiple rooms. The main discussion happens in "Dasharo - General".

Join Dasharo Beta Testing Group

Dasharo Beta Testing Group is a group of users who help make Dasharo better. They are willing to flash their devicies with Release Candidates (RC) firmware binaries and provide test results by reporting issues or confirming fixes.

Members of this community will have access to invite-only Dasharo Space channel, where calls for testing for the particular, RC versions of firmwares will be announced.

If you want to join the community, please send an e-mail with following information:

  1. Matrix nickname
  2. Which Dasharo supported device(s) you are willing to test

Join Dasharo open-source firmware vPub

We encourage you to join us at our vPub parties, which we hold 3-4x / year in "Dasharo OSF vPub." vPub is an alternative to live meeting for those who can't or don't want to meet live. It also served as salvation in times of COVID-19. Our goal is to have a platform for open-source firmware, open-source hardware, and open instruction set architectures discussion in a casual atmosphere.

For more information please visit event website.

Write a Google review

Google reviews help us attract new customers that can sponsor open-source development and provide value to the community. Please follow Google review link.

Follow us on social media

Contribute through Github

If you have a GitHub account, you can help us in multiple ways:

A donation of any amount motivates us because it means you care about our open-source firmware mission. It is straightforward if you don't have time for other contributions, and there are multiple options - feel free to choose one that works for you.

Become a Dasharo Entry Subscription subscriber

Buy the Dasharo Entry Subscription if you own/use/buy a machine running Dasharo firmware.

As a Dasharo Entry Subscription subscriber you will get:

  • The latest Dasharo Entry Subscription Releases issued by Dasharo Team
  • Special Dasharo Updates for Dasharo Entry Subscription subscribers – Community receives one update per year, but Dasharo Entry Subscription subscribers are not limited to it. Number of updates depends on the number of Dasharo Entry Subscriptions sold and the availability of other funding (e.g., NLNet, corporate sponsors, community donations).
  • Dasharo Primer Support through invite-only Matrix channel where we often gather Dasharo Entry Subscription subscribers' opinion and share exciting news about Dasharo direction
  • Insider's view and influence on Dasharo features roadmap – you can have a real impact on Dasharo development


Transferwise (aka Wise)

Donations in USD

TransferWise (ACH/ABA: 026073150)
IBAN 8311535451

Donations in EUR

TransferWise Europe SA
IBAN: BE11 9672 7712 7548

Bank wire

Donations in USD

3mdeb Sp. z o.o
IBAN: PL 87 1160 2202 0000 0005 1576 2206

Donations in EUR

3mdeb Sp. z o.o
IBAN: PL 94 1160 2202 0000 0005 1576 1304

BTC and other crypto coins

Our company does not currently support payment in cryptocurrencies.

While we understand that cryptocurrencies have gained popularity and recognition in recent years, we have chosen to retain our focus on conventional payment channels.

Firstly, we prioritize financial compliance and adhere to EU regulations. Managing cryptocurrencies would require extensive knowledge and resources to ensure compliance, which we are not equipped to handle at our current stage of development. Moreover, the uncertain and evolving nature of cryptocurrency regulations introduces significant risks and potential vulnerabilities. These factors could potentially lead to fiscal audits that could hamper the operations of 3mdeb and impede the progress of Dasharo development.

We believe that by adhering to established payment methods, we can ensure a consistent and reliable payment process for our customers. This allows us to maintain a high level of security, accountability, and regulatory compliance.

Technology Commons Trust

If you are concerned about the privacy of your donation as well as the fact how we would spend the money, then please consider Technology Commons Trust Open Firmware Fund.


If you want to contribute to other cryptocurrencies, please visit OFF website for details about contact information. We are pretty sure the Technology Commons Trust team will find the way.

Open Collective

You can donate by using 3mdeb's Open Collective page - a legal and financial tech platform that enables over 300 groups to raise and spend over $13 million dollars a year in full transparency.

Purchasing merchandise

We're excited to offer a range of Dasharo merchandise products to help support our open-source firmware distribution project. By purchasing items such as t-shirts and mugs, you can support Dasharo and help us continue developing and improving the firmware.

Our online shop makes browsing and ordering merchandise easy, and we offer fast shipping to get your items to you quickly. Whether you're looking for a new t-shirt to wear to events or a mug for your morning coffee, we have various products. Head over to our shop and browse our selection of Dasharo merchandise!

Can't see your option?

Contact us

For OEM/ODM: Join the private-beta program

We created Dasharo private beta program for OEM/ODM to improve quality and the efficiency of platform firmware development and deployment.

Program benefits:

  • Early access to the Dasharo roadmap reflects the most recent market trends and covers future hardware support and features.
  • Early access to information about firmware development funding campaigns.
  • Early access to source code and release binaries.
  • Dasharo Tools Suite for seamless integration of value-added features.
  • Dasharo Marketing Package helps explain the value that Dasharo brings to the product.
  • Professional support at all stages of the product life cycle.
  • Vertical market integration support.

How to join? Please send us an email to