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What BIOS Version can I install with my Dasharo (coreboot+SeaBIOS) Subscription on an apu2/3/4/6 motherboard?

When you subscribe to a Dasharo (coreboot+SeaBIOS) Entry Subscription for Network Appliance, the BIOS version updates available to you are determined by Dasharo's release cycle and testing scope.

  1. Upcoming BIOS Version: The next BIOS version that you will be able to install will most likely be tagged as There is a possibility that this might shift to base on coreboot 24.05, then it would be called 24.05.01, due to the recent change in the coreboot versioning scheme. For detailed insights into the versioning scheme, please refer to the coreboot release notes here: Coreboot Release Notes as well as discussion about Dasharo Versioning.

  2. Test Scope: While the exact test scope for the upcoming BIOS version is currently being finalized, it will offer feature parity with version The test scope for version, which might give you an idea of what to expect, can be found in this document: Dasharo Test Scope Document.

  3. Release Information: Detailed information about the release, including the scope and enhancements, will be communicated through our release newsletter. Additionally, all release notes and relevant updates will be made available on the Dasharo documentation site at Dasharo Release Documentation.

How much would it cost me to switch my subscription for Network Appliance from already purchased (coreboot+UEFI) to (coreboot+SeaBIOS)?

We can switch your subscription from Dasharo (coreboot+UEFI) Entry Subscription for Network Appliance to the Dasharo (coreboot+SeaBIOS) Entry Subscription for Network Appliance at no extra cost. This change can be made until the end of May 2024, but only if the purchase was made before the official (coreboot+UEFI) release which occurred on 2024-04-02.

If you are interested, please contact us at and provide your order number.