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Building manual


This document describes the procedure for compiling coreboot for Protectli VP3630, VP4650 and VP4670.


Build Dasharo BIOS firmware

Since version v1.0.18 VP4630 and VP4650 use different configuration file than VP4670. Versions v1.0.17 and older do not support VP4650 and VP4670 at all.

Build the firmware v1.0.18 or newer:

  • for VP3630 and VP4650

    ./ vp4630_vp4650
  • for VP4670

    ./ vp4670

NOTICE: VP4630 and VP4650 binary will not work on VP4670 and vice versa. They use different FSP variants.

Versions v1.0.17 and earlier support only VP3630 and can be built using the following command:

./ vp46xx

The resulting coreboot image will be placed in build/coreboot.rom.