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Building manual


This document describes the procedure for compiling coreboot for Protectli VP2420.


Build Dasharo BIOS firmware

This build procedure produces full firmware binary including blobs such as FSP, and ME. Currently, access to them is restricted to the OEM (Protectli) via a private repository.

  1. Clone the coreboot repository:

    git clone
  2. Checkout the desired version, e.g. v1.1.0:

    cd coreboot
    git checkout protectli_vault_ehl_v1.1.0
  3. Checkout submodules:

    git submodule update --init --checkout
  4. Obtain the Protectli blobs package:

    Replace <PROTECTLI_BLOBS_REPO> with a a proper path to the repository in a form of: git@repo-path.git. You should checkout to the same tag as in case aof the coreboot repository.

    cd 3rdparty/blobs/mainboard/
    git init
    git remote add origin <PROTECTLI_BLOBS_REPO>
    git fetch origin && git checkout protectli_vault_ehl_v1.1.0
    cd -
  5. Build the firmware v1.1.0 or newer:

    ./ vp2420

The resulting coreboot image will be placed in the coreboot directory as protectli_vp2420_<version>.rom.