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NovaCustom power and battery subsystem

NovaCustom laptops equipped with Dasharo firmware provide several battery management mechanisms to optimize user experience and further prolong the battery's lifespan.

Boot blocking when the battery is low

To prevent corruption of the bootloader, which may occur due to sudden power cut off during the OS boot process, booting the OS is blocked when the battery level sits below 5%. When trying to boot the OS with the battery level below the defined threshold, following message will be displayed on screen:


Disconnected battery warning

When the firmware encounters problems with detecting the battery, following message will appear suggesting checking the physical connection between the battery and mainboard:


Power information error

When the firmware encounters problems with retrieving information about AC and battery state, following error message will be displayed:


Charge thresholds

Dasharo firmware implements battery charge thresholds, which aim to extend the lifespan of the battery:

  • charging will only start when the battery level is below 95%

  • charging will stop once the battery level reaches 98%

Custom charge thresholds can be configured using the Dasharo setup menu or using third-party software like tlp.